Unfiltered HR’s Mission

Effective, honest, and practical HR without the bullshit.

We are all the things you love about HR and none of the things you hate. We understand that the word “bullshit” may cause you some angst, but remember, we are unfiltered.

Unfiltered HR came to life because of a desire to re-imagine human resources without the bureaucracy and stereotypical crap that people envision when they think of traditional HR.

We’re putting the common-sense business-focused bottom-line approach back into HR, to help our clients run their business and retain their top talent.

Let us tell you more about the components that make up our mission statement and how those words guide us.

Effective – To deliver world-class solutions and services.

Honest – To always tell the truth even if it hurts.

Practical HR – To provide sensible and realistic HR solutions that produce positive impacts.

Without the bullshit – No games, no politics, no run-around.