Our Guiding Principles are what we at Unfiltered HR believe in above all else.

We say NO to Dishonesty

  • We will always tell the truth even if it hurts.

We say NO to In-the-Box Thinking

  • We are “no box” thinkers who challenge our customers to think differently and try new things

We say NO to being Filtered

  • We are honest, to-the-point, and tell it like it is.

We say NO to Monotony

  • We shake things up, don’t take ourselves too seriously, celebrate our success, have fun and still get things done.

We say NO to Fear

  • We believe that HR should not be feared, we find and correct the root cause of problems and move forward to do unbelievable things.

We say YES to PEOPLE

  • We care about people and know that people will make or break your business.