Employee benefits are the fastest-rising expense that most companies face today. Through planning and consulting, we help you design, administer, and manage a cost-effective benefits program that is created to retain employees and attract top talent, improve workforce productivity, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

Unlimited HR’s benefits professionals are specialists in all facets of the design, administration, and management of employee benefits programs. We have the local presence and national resources to help you create and execute the most effective benefit plans, control healthcare costs, stay compliant, and keep you informed about current benefit trends. We are your strategic partner.

Recognizing that you need much more than just the generic benefits programs, Unfiltered HR can offer creative benefits solutions while reflecting your organization’s culture.

  • Medical Insurance
    • Traditional Solutions (PPO, HMO, POS)
    • Consumer Directed Solutions (HRA, HSA, FSA)
    • Funding Options (Partial Self-Funding, Self-Funding,)
  • Actuarial Services
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Pharmacy Benefits Management
  • Voluntary Worksite Products
  • Wellness Programs
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Employee benefits increase the value of working for a certain company and can improve your or your team members' health and quality of life. When applying for jobs, candidates may look at the benefits each organization offers and take those into consideration along with salary when deciding where they want to work.

Advantages of employee benefits include:

Improved Recruiting

Offering benefits improves your ability to attract candidates and hire new employees.
  • 57% of applicants are at least somewhat likely to accept a job with slightly lower pay if it has a more robust benefits package.
  • 61% of applicants ranked health benefits as one of the top three factors when looking for a new job.

Decreased Turnover

Offering benefits are often one of the best ways to incentivize employee commitment.
  • 36% of employees said improving the benefits package would keep them in their jobs.
  • 87% of employees said a well-communicated benefits package would keep them in their job.

Increased Attendance

Employees with benefits are healthier employees.
  • Absenteeism is reduced by 27% for those exercising and eating healthy regularly.
  • Healthier employees add the following to the bottom line; money, productivity, positivity, and image.

Increased Loyalty

Employees are more loyal.
  • 65% of employees said having a benefits package is extremely important to their loyalty. Employees who feel company care are shown to be happier, loyal, motivated, and more engaged.

Increased Happiness

Employee benefits increase workplace happiness.
  • Companies with happy employees outperformed their competition by 20%.
  • Happy employees are 12% more productive.
  • Employees who report being happy at work take 10X fewer sick days than unhappy employees.

One of the best ways to attract and retain great employees is with competitive benefits and perk packages. After pay, benefits — it may be time to consider workplace offerings aka “perks.” Perks, such as remote work, tuition assistance, and parental leave, are now seen as essential options for today’s dynamic workforce.

Perks and benefits can impact hiring, retention, and employee satisfaction. Perks help to build and strengthen your company culture, help to recruit and retain top talent, increase engagement and drive productivity. Let’s explore some perks that we can help you offer to your employees.


Gym or Fitness Reimbursement:

One of the most popular perks for employees is gym memberships and other healthy lifestyle incentives.

Meal Allowances or Free Food:

Free coffee in the breakroom, team-building lunches, and snacks at the ready are just some of the perks to consider.

Charitable Matching:

In multiple surveys of job seekers, applicants have shared the importance of working for a company that supports charitable causes and gives back to the community. One of the most popular ways for organizations to do this is through matching employee gifts up to a pre-determined dollar amount.

Continuing Education, Upskilling, and Reskilling:

Upskilling programs have a twofold purpose — to provide the company with the skills necessary to carry out its business objectives while more deeply engaging employees in their work and retaining them. Upskilling has become an important strategy for organizations to both attract diverse talent and ensure inclusiveness.

Pet Insurance:

There’s evidence that pet-friendly workplaces lead to more engaged employees. These employees are far more likely to stay with the company and recommend their place of work to others.

Volunteer Time Off:

In addition to matching employee giving to charitable causes, allotting time for workers to volunteer for their favorite nonprofits during work hours is a way to show your company’s commitment to the community while engaging with employees.

Corporate Swag:

Tap into the innate desire to belong to a community and give swag to your employees.

Unlimited PTO:

Allow employees to take however many sick, personal, and vacation days they require, so long as their work is completed, and it’s approved by a manager. It comes with the added benefit of removing vacation liability for employers, who don’t have to pay it out if an employee leaves.


Many retail and food service businesses offer generous discounts on their items.

Free Desktop Music:

This low-cost perk can help employees, focus and reduce stress.

Perks and benefits can impact hiring, retention, and employee satisfaction. They can help you in your ability to attract top-tier candidates. Or maybe it’s to address issues of employee satisfaction and to reduce turnover.

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