Unfiltered HR provides human resources consulting services and talent solutions to businesses and offers temporary HR management/staffing for short-term needs.

Unfiltered HR came to life because of a desire to re-imagine human resources without the bureaucracy and stereotypical crap that people envision when they think of traditional HR. We’re putting the common-sense business-focused bottom-line approach back into HR to help our clients run their businesses and retain their top talent.

Did you know that only 25% of employees trust human resources and over 50% of those employees outside of HR think HR has little effect, if any, on business outcomes?

We’re different at Unfiltered HR – we’re trusted by employees and produce significant positive business impacts for our clients, based upon a long track record of “doing sensible things” in our field.

As we started this adventure, it is important to go back to the beginning and tell you a little bit about ourselves. We have been friends for many years. We have raised our kids together, traveled together, worked together and most of all have been there for each other during the good times and bad times. We are people who care about people, so we couldn’t figure out why employees and leaders became fearful when they heard the words, “human resources.” So, we did what any great friends would do; we pondered it, we ate, we drank, we exercised nonstop (not really), and came to the realization that the human resource’s function had lost its way, and maybe so had we.

We found that HR’s activities were often disconnected from the real work of an organization. We knew human resources must create economic value for its shareholders, offer services and solutions that create value for its customers while creating workplace value for employees. We weren’t seeing it happening, so we knew we needed to act. Why? Action changes the world, and we want to change the world. We decided it was time to become UNFILTERED.

Our mission is to provide effective, honest, and practical HR without the bullshit. We are all the things you love about HR and none of the things you hate. Unfiltered HR provides human resources consulting and outsourcing for small to mid-sized businesses. We respond to the human resource needs that you simply don’t have time, expertise, or resources to address. In addition, we offer a simple subscription model to provide full-service HR to small businesses that don’t have an HR function.

Our vision is to do HR, so you don’t have to. We are confident that Unfiltered HR can help you with your HR needs. I would welcome the opportunity to set up a time to explore a partnership.

Our desire is that we have built a strong relationship with us while experiencing our world-class service. We will be your guide and you’ll be the hero as we help your vision come alive.

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with YOU!